Sekar Makirtya

Sekar Makirtya comes from Sanskrit language, Sekar means a place that one put in something – also as a first name of mine. Makirtya means work/result of work related to art work/art piece.

By this name, I plan a purpose that this site will become a place where people can find anykind of my art works, not just jewelry but also another handmade craft made by me or as a collaboration with other crafter/artisans. It’s just a beginning.

So, please enjoy yourself and if any of them comes to your attention, feel free to contact me.


Sekar Makirtya Gallery, 

Perumahan Gunung Sempu

Jl. Rakai Watukura no.11 Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Open for visitor every Saturday (by appointment)

Jewelry course (by appointment)